There are times in everyone's life where 

your heart breaks,

your soul is struck,

you fall to your knees.

You scream

perhaps silently,

perhaps aloud:

"Help, I need help. Please help me.

Guide me."

It's a prayer, a calling for a better way.

The Care of Wounded Wings was birthed for that calling

to help and guide you to soar during your tough times. 

Life is beautiful and complex
There are times when life gets tough:

Loss of a loved one
Loss of your job
Existential crisis
You feel lost

We know we’ve been there too,

sobbing and wanting more than anything to feel the light again.

Whatever it is that may be weighing you down

we want you to rest a little easier.

We got you

hand in hand

heart in heart.

We love you. Go ahead and soar :)