If you are feeling lost, scared, lonely, or struggling with an unexpected and overwhelming 

transition this e-course is for you. We have created this from our hearts 

to yours, to shine light on your moment of pain guiding and empowering you to transform 

your wounds into wisdom. 

Turn your

pain into purpose


wounds into wisdom...

You will rise and soar again.

In this E-Course we have crafted for you:

♥ 6 chapters of soul words, guidance, and wise teachings designed to guide you

♥ through this tough time back into the light

♥ In depth soul work and exercises for each chapter that will bring you clarity and

♥ channel your emotions into positivity & love

♥ Mantras and affirmations created just for you

♥ Soulful and heartfelt poetry to inspire you

♥ Mini video introductions from Christine & Naia personally introducing each

♥ chapter

♥ A healing meditation and unleashing imagination meditation easy to download & take 

with you anywhere you go (mp3)

♥ Prayers to lift your spirit during tough times

♥ A jam packed resource guide with our personal favorite miracle magnets

 including healers, websites, books, poems, self care tips, and more.

♥ "Loving your Temple: Tips for Healing through Food and Fashion" bonus e-book where 

you will learn about healing through fashion with Amy Javier & healing through food 

with Ana Avila

♥ An exclusive virtual soul squad where you will meet like minded 

 friends on this same journey and connect and support one another through

♥ your process

♥ Our Love & Support!