About the Authors

Christine Gutierrez is a psychotherapist, life coach, advice columnist, speaker, and writer. In addition, Christine is the Founder of cosmiclife.com an online hub that features Christine's services related to emotional and spiritual health. "Ancient wisdom with a modern twist" is the motto. Known for breaking stigmas; Christine is taking therapy to the next level, fusing ancient wisdom with modern psychology.

She has been featured in media outlets like Telemundo in the feature piece "Mujer de Hoy" in TimeOutNY as "the go to for the perpetually burnt out and new agey types", in Latina Magazine as "the Future 15: The Healer", and other media platforms such as Lifetime Network, Fitness Magazine, 
crazysexylife.com, Christine is also regular blogger for theconversation.tv and newlatina.net. She is the author of a forthcoming book "Healing Your Soul Wounds: Transforming Pain to Purpose".

Christine can be seen busting out rapping biggie or explaining the cosmos, sometimes in the same breath. She lives between Puerto Rico and New York and believes that through empowerment, community, and self-esteem building we can create lasting positive change.
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"It is in falling that you learn more deeply and
have more faith in your spirit to rise."

-Christine Gutierrez

Naia Maro  is a passionate devotee and explorer of artistic expression. Having studied in various prestigious Fine Arts Universities across the Americas she is a visual artist, illustrator, writer, poet, 3D character animator and dancer. Naia is the founder of  Imagination Safaria website dedicated to empowering people to connect with their imagination and create their own expression of life. She is also the creator of the Personalized I Project, which is dedicated to motivating people to embrace their true selves. The project incorporates her unique and beautiful mixed media portraits that serve as visual inspiration to always be true to yourself and honor who you are.

Born in Puerto Rico's Monte Galateo and growing up between Big Island of Hawaii and Bahia, Brazil she has a diverse cultural background and a deep connection with nature and the planet as her home. Art is her first language, being it poetry or sketches her delicate touch is always beautiful and profound. Since she was able to hold a pencil Naia has been able to translate her perceptions and emotions of life through art. Her motto is be art, be love, be you. Her goal is to make the world a happier, more creative and authentic place.

Naia believes in creating her own expression of life, that life is art. She believes in being a practical dreamer and flying beyond ordinary. Naia can be found hidden among the ancient redwood trees of her home just north of San Francisco, dancing with her troupe Shimmy Amour, diving into books at bookstores or cruising around town in expressive outfits and radiant smiles. If you would like to dive into her world and stay tuned with her wild imagination connect with her at: 

"Love is the flowering of your wings and the force 

that allows us to fly."

- Naia Maro