Book Index

Chapter 1: Nursing Your Wounds & Wings

In chapter 1 you will explore the source of your wounded wing. You will learn and 

understand the power of your emotions and how to befriend your feelings, especially the 

difficult ones. Here we take you hand in hand and heart in heart welcoming you to begin your journey.

Chapter 2: The Dance of Grief

In this chapter, we break down the process of grief helping you release the shame around 

your own grieving process. You will walk away knowing what to expect and how to cope 

with the ride, receiving the comfort you need to feel safe in your own grief.

Chapter 3: Soul Medicine

Wisdom from ancient traditions and from my own personal go to rituals, resources, and 

soul medicine for when times get tough. You will get spiritual truths, personal favorites of 

mine, and practical advice that will act like balm on your wounded soul & wing. Get 

prepared to heal.

Chapter 4: Healing Your Wings Through 


In chapter 4 you will tap into your creative juices and use creativity and art as a means for 

healing. Get ready to use your creative brain to heal, channeling your energy and emotions 

into something enlightening and empowering.

Chapter 5: Replenishing Your Mindset

Your thoughts create your reality. In this inspiring chapter you will be guided to adopt a 

mindset that supports your life and dreams. You will move from fear to love and doubt to 


Chapter 6: Miraculous Treats for Mind, Body & 


Miracles are your birthright and in this last chapter you will receive a basket of treats to 

support a miraculous life. You are now ready to soar. 

Chapter 7: Soar

In this final chapter Naia and Christine guide you to integrate all of the teachings and 

lessons you have learned throughout your care of wounded wings journey. Insightful 

questions and inspiration for now that you are ready to start anew and soar!

Each chapter closes with powerful Soul Work for 

you to dive into including:

Guided Questions

Mantras & Soul Affirmations

Actionable Exercises



In addition, we selected our personal favorite miracle switches including self care tips, 

feel good music, videos, soul healer's, inspirational websites that we turn to, books, 

prayers and more! 

"You gain lessons and wisdom from everything.

See all experiences as angles."

-Christine Gutierrez